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Coding programs, either in school or outside of school, are great ways to learn how to code. This way you will meet friends who have an interest in coding like you!

Types of Programs

There are various programs that you can join around your area. Most of these programs include hackathons, coding groups, and robotic teams.


Code Camps are a fun and creative way to learn more about code quickly! You meet tons of friends and learn how to code in a fun and supportive enviornement. Some code camps include the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, Kode with Klossy, All-star code, and Make School.


Clubs are fun afterschool programs such as the Girls Who Code Clubs, Programming teams, and other local groups that help support you.


Hackathons are competitions where people who code get together as a community and share their experiences as well as share the joy of computing.

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